$50 Added Handicap Monster DYP

We’re doing another money added event, this time a $50 added Handicap Monster DYP on November 2nd at California Billiards. Let’s break it down:

$50 added: all entry fees go to prize money, plus we’re adding $50. Probably between $200 and $300 in prizes for this event!

Monster DYP: new partners each round from 8-10pm, and then the top 8 players will pair off in the playoffs from 10-11pm. Great format for beginners to meet new players and learn new skills!

Handicaps: we even the playing field with handicaps. The lower ranked team always has to score 7 points to win. The higher ranked team will have to score from 7-10 points, depending on the handicap difference.

Tables open at 7 pm on Nov 2nd at California Billiards, and the tournament will run from 8-11pm. All are welcome! RSVP or ask questions on Facebook.

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