Handicap Monster DYP

We run a wide variety of Monster Draw tournament formats, because they are light-hearted and easy to run. We vary the formats so that players can get practice in singles and doubles. Sometimes we play more rounds with a race-to-seven for each match, other times we play fewer rounds with more intense best 2/3 matches.

We’re going to try out something new in the mix: a Handicap Monster DYP. Players are handicapped based on local points. In each round of the DYP, new teams are assigned. The team handicap is the sum of the player handicaps from the local points. For example, a team where one player has 1400 points (handicap 1) and the other player has 2200 points (handicap 3) has a total handicap of 4.

When two teams play each other, they compare the handicaps to figure out how many points each team needs to score. The team with the lower handicap always needs to score 7 points to win. The team with the higher handicap needs to score 7 + the difference between the handicaps, up to a maximum of 10 points.


Team A has a handicap of 3, and Team B has a handicap of 5. Team A needs 7 to win, and Team B needs 9 to win.

Team A has a handicap of 1, and Team B has a handicap of 1. Both teams need to score 7 to win.

Team A has a handicap of 2, and Team B has a handicap of 7. Team A needs to score 7 to win, and Team B needs to score 10. Even though the handicap difference is 5 points, the most any team needs to win is 10 points total.

We’ll play rounds like this from 8-10pm, and then start doubles playoffs for the top 8 players. The matches in the playoffs will use the same handicap system as the seeding rounds. Each playoff match is one game, where teams need to score from 7-10 points depending on their handicap.

You can check your handicaps in the Points Book. If you’re a new player, your handicap will start at 0. Once you start winning matches your points will increase, and your handicap too.

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