Pro/Am and Bring Tournaments on Nov 20

We’re running two events on November 20th at California Billiards, with $100 added to the pot thanks to Marvelous Marv Puha. Marv is doing what he can to support our up and coming rookie players.

For Pro Am Doubles, Marv is contributing $50 in prize money. For the Shake-n-Bake, the top rookie finishers will split $50 in cash.


Pro Am Doubles

Mixed skill level teams compete. Anything could happen, and playing as an effective team is key to victory.

We’re using the Bayfoos Handicaps to keep things balanced: the handicap rule is Max 5: any two players with handicaps that add up to at most 5 can play together.

Examples: a handicap 5 player (a master) can play with a handicap 0 player (a beginner).

A handicap 4 player (pro) can play with handicap 0 or 1.

Handicap 3 players can play with handicap 0, 1, or 2.

Marv has contributed $50 to the pot, and so far at least 4 pros and masters have signed up to play. This is going to be a great event. Get partnered up soon.

Event starts at 3 pm. Format is double elimination. Entry fees are $10 per player, plus $50 added.



Bring a partner if you’ve got one, draw a partner if you don’t! We’re using the traditional Bayfoos Shake-n-Bake system.

Draw side players: beginners pay $5 entry, all others $10.

Bring side players: beginners pay $5, handicap 1-2 pay $10, handicap 3+ pay $15.

Event starts at 7 pm. 100% payout, plus $50 to the top rookie finishers in the event.


Table Fees

We’ll charge a $5 table fee for the day, and have the tables open. Tables will open for practice by 2 pm.

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