Summer Points Race Winners

We hosted the two last events of our Summer Points Race yesterday. We had 3 prize categories with 13 events, and even then the race was close!

Brian won the $100 grand prize, with 46.5 points to Mohammed’s 41. Mo played only 12 events and Brian played 13, so this was an even closer match up than the total points indicate. Brian averaged 3.6 points per event; Mo averaged 3.4. Brian is one of the sponsors of the points race, so the $100 grand prize is going to turn into more prize money for a future event.

The Expert prize, $50, was a squeaker. Going into this weekend, Vera had a solid 3 point lead over Nick and a 3.5 point lead over Rishabh. Nick couldn’t play this weekend, but Rishabh had a phenomenal performance, taking 2nd in Singles and 4th in Doubles. It was enough to make up the difference. Rishabh won the Expert prize with 23 points to Vera’s 22.5.

Vera is currently ranked Rookie, so she was also eligible for the $30 free entry prize. She was close to winning the Expert prize, so it’s not surprising she was our top ranked Rookie. Bing and Bharath were next closest, with 16 points each, and Jorge had 15.5.

If you’re curious, check out the full standings to see how close you were to winning. Thank you everyone for playing!

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