September Double Header

Our Saturday Double Header for September is on the calendar for September 25th at California Billiards in Fremont.

Tables open at 2 pm.

Open Singles at 3 pm.

Shake-n-Bake (aka Open Doubles) at 7 pm.

$5 table fee for the day.

Open Singles
Each match best 2/3.
More than 10 teams: double elimination tournament.
10 or fewer: Swiss System for seeding, single elimination play-offs for top 4 players.
Entry fee:
<1000: $5
1000-1999 $10
2000+: $15
Bring a partner if you’ve got one, draw one if you don’t.
Format may be either Swiss System or a shake-n-bake with a split bracket. We’ll decide day of. If we do Swiss System, bring teams will play to 6 against draw teams.
100% payout. Entry fees based on local points:
Draw side: $10
Bring Side:
<1000: $5
1000-1999 $10
2000+: $15


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