Summer Points Race Halfway Point

We played three events this past weekend and now we’re at the halfway point for our Bayfoos Summer Points Race. How are things shaping up?

Brian and Mo are in the lead for the $100 grand prize. Both of them have attended the past 6 events, with Brian racking up 24 points and Mo 17. This is still close. On any given night you can rack up 6 points, so anyone could win this.

Vera is currently in the lead for the $50 Expert prize, with 13 points, but this is really competitive. There are at least 10 players who attend regularly within striking distance.

Bharath is currently the leader for the $30 free entry Rookie prize, with 9 points. As with the Expert prize, this is a close race.

We’ve posted the current standings, as well as the schedule and results. Hope to see you at the tournaments! We play every Tuesday at California Billiards in Fremont. The points race finishes up on Saturday, September 25th, with singles and doubles events.



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