“Where should I play foosball for fun?

Sometimes new foosball players don’t want to enter tournaments, and they ask us “Where should I play foosball for fun?” And sometimes the most experienced players just want to goof around and show off trick shots. We’ve got options!

Tuesday nights, California Billiards: tables on free play from 7-8pm, lots of people practicing and playing pick-ups before the tournament starts. We also run Casino Night once a month, pick-up games and prizes until 11pm.

Thursday nights, Emporium SF: pick-up games, sometimes. Check with the SF Foos facebook group, if you’re interested, other people will be too.

Friday nights, Cuetopia Billiard Cafe: almost always 8-12 players playing pick-ups on Fridays!

There are also occasional meet-ups in San Ramon; check the facebook group if you’re interested.

All skill levels are welcome, whether you’re brand new to the game, a seasoned pro, or anywhere in between.

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