Great Showing at the National Championships

Foosball is back!

The 2021 National Championships in Denver happened last weekend, and it was quite a tournament. Bay Area players showed up ready, played their hearts out, and brought home some medals.

The big news is the National Championship: Andrey Trok, Christina Fuchs, James Castillo, Kurt Hochberg, Ray Cota, Sergie Aragones, Simeon Yep, Rishabh Singawne, and Vera Urbanovich defeated teams from 11 other states to bring the cup home to California.

Bay area players had great finishes in other events too:

  • Open Doubles: Sergie and James: 2nd place
  • Open Singles: Sergie: 9th place
  • Open Mixed: James and Midori: 5th place
  • Open DYP: James and Eric Balcos: 2nd place
  • Pro Singles: Sergie: 5th place
  • Expert Singles: Ray: 5th place
  • Amateur Doubles: Kurt & Simeon: 5th place
  • Amateur Singles: Ray: 5th place
  • Rookie Doubles: Andrey & Rishabh: 1st place
  • Rookie Singles: Andrey: 5th place
  • Beginner Doubles: Rishabh & Vera: 4th place
  • Beginner Singles: Rishabh: 7th place
  • Senior Men’s Doubles 63+: Brad Laurine (former bay area!) and Doug McDonald: 1st place, and qualified for the World Cup
  • Senior Men’s Classic Doubles 50+: Greg Mendel & Garret Scherkenbach: 1st place
  • Senior Men’s Doubles 50+: Greg Mendel & Garret Scherkenbach: 5th place
  • Senior Mixed Doubles 50+: Greg Mendel & Karla Woolverton: 1st place
  • Handicap Doubles: Ray and Simeon: 5th place


We’ll have a party to celebrate next Tuesday, July 6th, at California Billiards in Fremont.


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