Summer Fling Points Race

Summer is almost over, let’s do a mini points race. Over $100 in prizes in three categories. There are 7 events to play, earn a prize if you’re the best in your category. We’ll be playing at California Billiards, hit us up at SF Foos for details.

Overall Winner: $50 cash

Top Player: Expert: $30 cash

Top Player: Rookie: $30 in free tournament entries

So, how do you win? Show up and play! The better you do the more points you get. Everyone who attends gets one attendance point.

Event Schedule:

Aug 13: Monster DYP, Doubles Playoffs

Aug 20: Monster DYP, Singles Playoffs

Aug 27: Monster DYP, Points Race

Sep 3: Monster DYP, Doubles Playoffs

Sep 7: Open Singles

Sep 7: Shake-n-Bake

Sep 10: Monster DYP, Singles Playoffs

Bonus points depend on which events we play.

Monster DYP with Doubles Playoffs:

1st place team: 4 points each

2nd place team: 3 points each

3rd place team: 2 points each

4th place team: 1 point each

Open Singles/Handicap Singles/Monster DYP with Singles Playoffs:

1st place: 4 points

2nd place: 3 points

3rd place: 2 points

4th place: 1 point

5th-8th place: 0.5 points

Monster DYP with No Playoffs:

1st place: 4 points

2nd place: 3.5 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2.5 points

5th place: 2 points

6th place: 1.5 points

7th place: 1 point

8th place: 0.5 points

Players can win at most one prize. If somebody wins multiple categories, that’s amazing, we’ll give them the higher value prize and an extra pat on the back. 2nd place in the category will take the lower value prize.

In case of a tie, the following tie-break rules will apply:

  1. Number of finishing points vs number of attendance points: the player with more finishing points win.
  2. Winning record: the player with more 1st place finishes wins, then with more 2nd place finishes, etc…

We’re using Bayfoos local points for categories. Top prize is open to everyone. Expert prize is open to anyone with under 3000 points. Rookie prize is open to anyone with under 1500 points.

Questions? Hit us up on the SF Foos facebook group.

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