Getting Ready for Vegas!

We’re all excited to get ready for the Hall of Fame Classic in Las Vegas at the end of March. We’ve got a solid line up of events, locations, and dates.

First, the weekly events.

Tuesdays at Cal Billiards in Fremont:
– we’ll rotate four different types of events: Points Race, Monster DYP, Monster DYP with Singles Playoffs, and good old double elimination DYPs.
– all events start at 8 pm sharp, and we’ll aim to move things along quickly so we can get some sleep.
– first time beginners play free, and for $5 after that.

Thursdays at Kennedy’s in SF:
– double elimination DYPs, just like mom used to make!
– sign-ups close at 8 pm, entry fee is $10.
– first time beginners play free.

Beginner league is over for now, it will start up again later this year. Beginners: time to come play with the big kids! Your entry fee will be $5. Monday league at Kennedy’s continues through Feb 5th.

Next: the special events.

We’re going to run monthly Bring Your Partner events at Cal Billiards so folks can get practice in competition settings before Vegas.

Saturday, January 20th: handicap singles @ 3 PM and a shake-n-bake at 6 PM.

Saturday, February 17th: handicap singles @ 3 PM and a shake-n-bake at 6 PM.

March 16th-18th: 3 day warm-up for Vegas. Look for the flyer with details soon. Location will be Cal Billiards in Fremont.

What are all these different weekly event formats?

We mix things up to keep it fun and competitive.

Points Race: you get a new partner each round, and play a best 2/3 match against a different team. You get 2 points if you win and 0 points if you lose. Then you get a new partner and we play another round. Final points tallies are used to award places, with goal differentials and opponent strength breaking ties.

Monster DYP: new partner each round, and play one game to 7. You get 2 points if you win, 1 point if you tie at 6, and 0 points if you lose. Then you get a new partner and we play another round. Around 10 PM we’ll switch to single elimination play-offs, where points are used to seed the top 8 players on to teams. Those teams play best 2/3 matches to determine who wins the tournament.

Monster DYP with Singles Playoffs: same as the Monster DYP, but the playoffs has the top 8 players play best 2/3 singles matches instead.

Double Elimination DYP: you get a random partner at the beginning of the night, and play best 2/3 matches against the rest of the field in a double elimination tournament.


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