Summer Foos in the Bay Area

Lots of chatter on the Facebook SF Foos group about what’s going on this summer. The foosball scene is going well.

Mondays: League at Kennedy’s in SF starts up again on July 31st.

Tuesdays: Swiss system tournaments at California Billiards in Fremont. Great for beginners and more experienced players. First time beginners play free.

Thursdays: Beginner league at California Billiards.

Thursdays: Draw-your-partner tournament at Kennedy’s. First time beginners play free!

Sunday, August 20th is our World Championships Warm-Up at California Billiards. We’ll do Handicap Singles at 3 PM, and a Shake-n-Bake at 6 PM.

Full schedule is always at, and hit us up on Facebook if you want to see who is playing any given evening. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the tables!



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