NorCal Hall of Fame

The NorCal Hall of Fame tournament is the weekend of October 15th at California Billiards!

Friday, October 14th 

8 PM: DYP, $10 entry

Saturday, October 15th

2 PM: Beginner Doubles, $5 entry

4 PM: Open Singles

Pro and up: $15

Expert: $10

Am/Rookie/Beginner: $5

7:30 PM: Open Doubles

Pro and up: $30

Expert: $20

Am/Rookie: $10

Beginner: $5

Tournament Rules:

Sign-ups close at listed time.

Open events are ⅗ winner’s bracket, ⅔ loser’s bracket, win by 2 in winner’s bracket.

All other events are ⅔.

IFP Tour points used to determine ranking. Beginner ranking subject to TD discretion.

Format may change due to time constraints.

All events are 100% payout.

Tournament Directors:

Phil Schlaefer: (408) 315-1965

Brian Eaton: (650) 335-5965,

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