August Triple Shot

Triple Shot tournament is back. Saturday, August 27th, 2016, at Cuetopia Billiard Cafe.

4 PM: Beginner Doubles

$5 entry fee. Bring a partner if you have one, draw one if you don’t.

5:30 PM: Open Singles

Pro $15, Expert $10, $5 Rookie/Am

Beginners play FREE until they cash once, then they pay $5 entry.

8 PM: Shake-n-Bake

Bring side: Pro $20, Expert $15, Rookie/Am $10, Beginner $5

Draw side: $10

Format is either split bracket or point spot.

Split bracket: best draw team guaranteed at least third place.

Point spot: draw teams get a point spot against bring teams

More Info:

All events are 100% payout. All entry fees go to prizes.

Questions? Contact Brian (650-335-5965)

Sign-ups close at listed times; events start 10 minutes later.

Call or text if you’re running late.

Beginner rating based on IFP points, subject to TD discretion.

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