January Points Race Winners

Congratulations to our January Points Race winners!

Top Expert: Kyle Moss (27 points)

Top Amateur/Rookie: Ray Cota  (22 points)

Top Beginner:  Bharath Hariharan (17 points)

All three win packages to the Hall of Fame Classic Warm-Up from March 4th-6th at California Billiards. Check out the full standings to see how close the race was.

The February points race kicks off Tuesday night and runs through March 1st. All events at California Billiards and Cuetopia are eligible. We can’t announce prizes yet, but here are some teasers:

1. We’ll have a grand prize for the overall points leader in February: all ranks are eligible.

2. Players who won in January are also eligible to win in February, but they can only pick one prize.

3. If different players in the same category win in January and February, we’ll have a play-off to see who gets to pick their prize first.

If you want the best prize, you’d better work on your singles game…

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