Points Race
Dates January 5th - 30th, 2015
All events at Cuetopia and California Billiards are eligible for points. Check the calendar for the list of events.
Locations Cuetopia Billiard Cafe (map)
California Billiards (map)
Points Allocation 1st - 4 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 2 points
attendance - 1 point
Tie-Break In case of a tie, the following tie-break rules will apply.

  1. Number of finishing points vs number of attendance points: the player with more points for top 3 finishes wins.
  2. Winning record: Player with more 1st place finishes wins, then with more 2nd place finishes, etc…
Prizes Thank you Dana, Steve, and Phil for donating prizes for the points race!

Top Expert :: Package to 2015 HoFC Warm-Up
Top Amateur/Rookie :: Package to 2015 HoFC Warm-Up
Top Beginner :: Package to 2015 HoFC Warm-Up
Points Summary
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