NorCal Invasion at 2014 Hall of Fame Classics in Vegas!!

Here we go again!!  NorCal keeps on finishing strong at major tournaments!

A special shoutout to Mo Uddin who fought hard with partner Robert Hays to come back and pull off a double dip against a tough Expert Doubles team in their late final on Sunday night! Also, to James Castillo, ranked Expert, who caused ruckus in the Pro and Elite divisions, coming in the top 3 for both Pro and Elite singles!  And of course to Sergie Aragones who came so close to his second consecutive Open Doubles final!

Top 10 finishes for the weekend:

Open Doubles
3.  Sergie Aragones / Dana Marr
9.  Adrian Zamora / Steve Mori
Open Women Doubles
3.  Gemma Mio / Keisha Rue
Open Singles
9.  Sergie Aragones
Open Women Singles
9.  Gemma Mio
Open Mixed
9.  Sergie Aragones / Gemma Mio
9.  James Castillo / Monica Steagal
9.  Dana Marr / Melissa Kegg
Senior Doubles
2.  Adrian Zamora / Dana Marr
Elite Doubles
2.  Sergie Aragones / James Castillo
9.  Gemma Mio / Robbie Blanchard
Elite Singles
2.  James Castillo
9.  John Sarette
Pro Doubles
5.  Mo Uddin / Nhu Tran
Pro Singles
3.  James Castillo
Expert Doubles
1.  Mo Uddin / Robert Hays
9.  James Castillo / Jennifer Caron
Expert Women Doubles
1.  Gemma Mio / Adrianne Lee
Expert Mixed
3.  James Castillo / Gemma Mio
Amateur Doubles
9.  Buzz Richardson / Simeon Yep
Rookie Doubles
4.  Buzz Richardson / Lih Chen
5.  Daniel Dechert / Ben Kempner
9.  Joe Kuo / Eric Kim
Rookie Singles
2.  Daniel Dechert
9.  Buzz Richardson
Beginner Doubles
3.  Brian Eaton / Ben Kempner
Beginner Singles
5.  Brian Eaton
Designated Mixed
5.  James Castillo / Adrianne Lee
Master Limited
5.  Sergie Aragones / Daniel Dechert
9.  Gemma Mio / Linda Ly

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