NorCal Represent at 2013 World Championships!!!

Another big weekend for NorCal at the 2013 World Championships!!  This weekend was filled with very tough matches in all the events, but we represented!!  11 local foosers showed up in Texas and we’re bringing home 8 pieces of hardware!! Some highlights involving our local foosers include:

  • Our beginners Ben Kempner and Brian Eaton making a run at the beginner events.  They finished 3rd in Beginner Doubles and Brian finished 5th in Beginner Singles.
  • James and Mo taking down Billy Pappas / Pam DeVito and Paul Smith / Harry DeVito in Master Limited.
  • James and Tony taking down Kane Gabriel / Mario Ariganello in Open Doubles.

Other highlights:

  • The English team of Rob Atha and Joe Hamilton coming so close to winning Open Doubles, and Tony Spredeman and Rob Mares getting a double dip in the finals to win it.
  • Watching the players from Costa Rica and Dubai pull major upsets in multiple events
  • Karen Lamano (NorCal fooser now living in Texas) winning Open Mixed with Billy Pappas

Below are our top 10 finishes for the weekend:

Women Open Doubles
9.  Gemma Mio / Keisha Rue
Women Open Singles
7.  Gemma Mio
Open Mixed
5.  Gemma Mio / Rob Atha
Master Limited
2.  James Castillo / Mo Uddin
Handicapped Doubles
5.  James Castillo / Barry Willick
Pro Doubles
5.  Mo Uddin / Nhu Tran
Expert Singles
5.  Tony Lavigna
9.  Mo Uddin
9.  James Castillo
Women Expert Doubles
4.  Gemma Mio / Jennifer Caron
9.  Amy Wong-Thai / Jenny Ong
Women Expert Singles
2.  Gemma Mio
5.  Jenny Ong
Expert Mixed
3.  James Castillo / Gemma Mio
9.  Amy Wong-Thai / Jason Shovlain
Amateur Doubles
1.  James Castillo / Gemma Mio
9.  Matt Doughty / Karen Lamano
Amateur Singles
5.  James Castillo
Women Amateur Doubles
7.  Amy Wong-Thai / Jenny Ong
Women Amateur Singles
7.  Jenny Ong
Amateur Mixed
7.  James Castillo / Amy Wong-Thai
Beginner Doubles
3.  Ben Kempner / Brian Eaton
Beginner Singles
5.  Brian Eaton
Most Improved Female Player of the Year
Gemma Mio

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