Bay Area Foosball in February

January was a great month, we’ve had a mix of brand new players and veterans training for the IFP Hall of Fame Classic. Turnout has been fantastic, we’ve had 16-25 people at California Billiards every Tuesday night, with lots of time for practice and pick-up games as well as the tournaments. We’re going to keep it up in January.

Tables are open for practice before every event. Come by on Tuesdays from 7-8pm for coaching and pick-up games!

Tues, Jan 30, 8-11pm: Monster Draw, Doubles Playoffs

Tues, Feb 6, 8-11:30pm: Monster Draw, Singles Playoffs

Tues, Feb 13, 8-11pm: Monster Draw, Points Race

Tues, Feb 20, 8-11pm: Monster Draw, Doubles Playoffs

Sat, Feb 24: February Fever Double Header! Open Singles from 2-6pm, Shake-n-Bake Doubles from 6-11pm

Tues, Feb 27, 8-11:30pm: Monster Draw, Singles Playoffs

In other news, we’ve got a WhatsApp group chat for the new players to trade tips and learn. Contact us at or the SF Foos FB group for details. We’re also working on a few blog posts discussing the finer points of foosball refurbishing, and we hope to update our New Player page soon with more advice to help folks get involved in tournament foosball. Stay tuned, there is good stuff ahead.

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