Bayfoos League

Bay Area Foosball League sign-ups are now open! Get signed-up now, we’ll get you on a team, and come ready to play on Sunday, Feb 5th at 3pm.

When will league happen? Every Sunday, 3pm, usually wrapping up by 6pm.

When does the season start? First matches will be played on Sunday, Feb 5th.

Where are league matches played? California Billiards in Fremont.

How long is the season? 6-8 weeks, depending on how many people sign-up.

What skill level is required? Loving to play foosball is enough. Teams will have a mix of experienced and new players, and there will be a variety of game formats. (Many of the experienced players in the Bay Area started off playing league!)

How do teams work? League organizers will assign either three or four people per team, depending on sign-ups. We may use handicaps to keep teams balanced.

How much does league cost? $30 for the season, plus quarters for games.

Are there prizes? Trophies and bragging rights!

What about Superbowl weekend? No matches on Feb 12th (Superbowl) or Feb 19th (Moneyball in Portland). Week 2 of league will happen Feb 26th.

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