Monster Draw on Friday, $50 for top draw team on Saturday

We had a great time earlier this month, so we’re going to do it again.

Dana will be running a Draw Your Partner at Cuetopia on Friday at 8pm. We’ll follow that up with Open Singles and Doubles tournaments at California Billiards on Saturday.

The Saturday doubles events will be a Shake-n-Bake, with both Draw Your Partner and Bring Your Partner teams. If you enter on the Draw side, you get a random partner. Whenever a Draw team plays a Bring Team, the Bring team needs to score 6 points to win the game. The top finishing draw team will also get an extra $50 in prize money.

Recapping the schedule:

Friday, Oct 28, 8 pm: Draw Your Partner at Cuetopia

Saturday, Oct 29, 3 pm: Singles at California Billiards

Saturday, Oct 29, 7 pm: Shake-n-Bake at California Billiards, $50 for top draw team

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

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