Awesome Triple Shot Weekend

We threw a fantastic triple shot tournament on Saturday.

The real story here is about the new beginner players: ten new people! We welcomed them to the game with Dana Marr and Steve Corioso teaching the fundamentals of defense and ball control. Thanks to Dana and Steve for taking time to teach, and to all the new players for coming out to play!

This was a team effort, there is no way we could have done this without a lot of people reaching out to friends and coworkers to plan, promote, and run the event. When we first scheduled a beginner tournament, we had no idea if anyone would play. We had a fantastic turn-out, and we’re going to keep it up.

Amy Wong-Thai, Ben Kempner, Brian Eaton, Dana Marr, Dave Blank, Gemma Mio, Matt Doughty, Marcos Ramirez, and Steve Corioso came up with the initial plan to bring more beginners into the game.

Gemma and Peter helped design the flyers.

Matt and Kyle helped run the tournament (no small feat when you’ve got this many events and teams!) Thank you both for stepping up.

A small army of people helped to promote the event by posting flyers and contacting people who might be interested. Thanks to Albert Cheng, Bharath Hariharan, Dave Blank, Ginger Wong, Jacob Plachta, Jenny Ong,  Mohammed Uddin, Naveen Veeravalli, Phil Schlaefer, Samantha Tan, Steve Damron, Tomasz Odrobny, Tony Jackson, Wes Hunt, and Xavier Contreras for helping to get the word out.

Fourteen people played in the beginner tournament. Wes and Andrey took first. Praveen and David (new players!) took second, and third place went to Naveen and Barath.

We had a whopping 16 people play singles. Congrats to Adrian (1st), James (2nd), Ellen (3rd) and Steve (4th), and many thanks to Kyle and Matt for making sure the tournament ran smoothly with so many players!

Nine teams played in the Shake-n-Bake. We almost finished up on time, but Adrian and Steve faced off against Serge and Dana for a 75 minute, two set final match. Serge and Dana defended their king seat position successfully, but it was close: the last game of the last match went 5-4. Adrian and Steve took 2nd, and Matt and James took 3rd.


Steve Corioso teaching ball control.


Fundamentals of defense with Dana Marr.


Christoph and Ellen facing off in singles.


Finals of beginner doubles, Praveen and David vs Wes and Andrey.


Melvin and Albert battling on the five bar.


Scott and Dave vs Wes and Andrey.


Check the medals!


Kyle aims and fires.


Dana Marr and Sergie Aragones.

Dana Marr and Sergie Aragones.

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