Impressive Results from Hall of Fame Classics in Vegas!

The Hall of Fame Classic finished up in the wee hours of the morning.  We had a huge turn-out of 18 foosers from Northern California, and finished up in the top four 13 times!  Hard work pays off: great playing folks.


Rookie Doubles: Binh Thai and Lih Chen (2nd), Buzz Richardson and Jason Belhumeur (3rd), out of 35 teams.

Amateur Singles: Ben Kempner (9/12) out of 124 players.

Women’s Amateur Singles: Joan Advincula (1st), Jenny Ong (3rd), out of 16 players.

Women’s Amateur Doubles: Joan Advincula and Jo Ann Aldaco (3rd) out of 9 teams.

Handicap Doubles: Ben Kempner and Lih Chen (1st), out of 36 teams.  (Sandbaggers!)

Forward Shoot Out: James Castillo (1st) out of 21 players.

Expert Singles: James Castillo (1st) out of 128 players.

Expert Doubles: Mo Uddin and Garrick Wrenn (3rd) out of 92 teams.

Pro Doubles: Dana Marr and Mo Uddin (1st) out of 94 teams.

Elite Singles: James Castillo (2nd) out of 100 players.

Senior Doubles: Adrian Zamora and Mark Kraus (1st) out of 19 teams.

Open Mixed: Jenny Ong and Frank Balecha (4th) out of 34 teams.

Open Doubles: Adrian Zamora and Dana Marr (3rd) out of 76 teams.

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