NorCal Foosers Take the 2014 World Championships by Storm!

Only eight of us (Dana, Steve, Ben, Daniel, Joan, Mo, James and Gemma) ventured out to Dallas, Texas for this year’s Tornado World Championships, but we are bringing home 7 different titles and 13 trophies!! ¬†The week started with James tearing it up in the specialty events (Forward Shootout, Wednesday DYP and Open DYP) and ended with our veterans and newly inducted NorCal Hall of Famers, Dana Marr and Steve Corioso, winning the increasingly difficult Senior Doubles! In between, James and Gemma won Handicap Doubles, Joan cruised¬†to win Amateur Women Singles, Daniel tsunami’d his way to Rookie Singles and Amateur Doubles titles, and Ben dominated Beginner Doubles!

We had a ton of supporting messages from back home, thank you all! ūüôā

Here is our long list of top 10 finishes!!  This list just keeps growing with each tournament!

Open Women Doubles
9.  Gemma Mio / Keisha Rue
Open Women Singles
5.  Gemma Mio
Open Mixed
3.  Gemma Mio / Rob Atha
Senior Doubles
1.  Dana Marr / Steve Corioso
Senior Singles
9.  Steve Corioso
Pro Doubles
5.  Mo Uddin / Francois Veilleux
Pro Singles
2.  James Castillo
Expert Singles
2.  James Castillo
Expert Mixed
5.  Mo Uddin / Gemma Mio
9.  Ben Kempner / Joan Advincula
9.  James Castillo / Sullivan Rue
Expert Women Doubles
3.  Gemma Mio / Jackie Han
9.  Joan Advincula / Jo Ann Aldaco
Expert Women Singles
9.  Joan Advincula
Amateur Doubles
1.  Daniel Dechert / Floyd Kika
Amateur Singles
7.  Daniel Dechert
Amateur Mixed
9.  Ben Kempner / Joan Advincula
Amateur Women Doubles
4.  Joan Advincula / Jo Ann Aldaco
Amateur Women Singles
1. Joan Advincula
Rookie Doubles
7.  Daniel Dechert / Ben Kempner
Rookie Singles
1.  Daniel Dechert
4.  Ben Kempner
Beginner Doubles
1.  Ben Kempner / Adam Williams
Beginner Singles
2.  Ben Kempner
Handicap Doubles
1.  James Castillo / Gemma Mio
Master Limited
5.  James Castillo / Geoff Scarchilli
Designated Mixed
5.  Dana Marr / Melissa Kegg
9.  Gemma Mio / James Castillo
9.  Joan Advincula / Ben Kempner
Forward Shootout
3.  James Castillo
Goalie Wars
9.  Steve Corioso
Open DYP
1.  James Castillo / Geoff Scarchilli
Wednesday DYP
2.  James Castillo / Danny Lynch

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