Super Doubles Comes to an End

From Mo Uddin:

SIXTY FOUR foosers spent the better part of this past weekend at Cuetopia in San Jose battling for $7100 in cash, a pair of Warrior Foosball tables, and a title at the 2014 NorCal Super Doubles championship.  

While the final result didn’t surprise many, as always the competition was fierce and there were many minor and major victories and upsets along the way.  Thanks to Phil Schlaefer, Gemma Mio, Matt Doughty, Steve Corioso and Dana Marr for their support in putting this event together and helping it run flawlessly.  Thanks to all those who attended, especially those who traveled from out of town to compete. And a big thanks to Brendan Flaherty for donating a pair of Warrior tables to the winners of the Rookie/Amateur playoff match!

In addition to some torrid foosball, some renewed rivalries and friendships, some standout performances, and a lot of sweating and shouting, we were all treated to a moving NorCal FoosbalL Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Master of Ceremonies Phil “Dr. Doom” Schlaefer, himself a member of the 2014 induction class, set the tone with his introduction and closing remarks.  In between, we heard great speeches from Adrian Zamora, and new inductees Dana Marr and Steve Corioso, both of whom had family and friends in attendance.  These newly minted NorCal foosball legends regaled the crowd with stories about the early days of arcade foosball in the Bay Area, and shared emotional and personal descriptions of what foosball has meant to their lives. “Congratulations to Dana, Steve and Phil for their induction into the Bay Area Foosball Hall of Fame!”.

As the biggest NorCal Foos event in years, it was a roaring success and all seemed to have a great time.  We are looking forward to more events like this in the future.

Now, here are your results!  Great job by all the Super Doubles final bracket qualifiers, and a big Congratulations to our 2014 NorCal Super Doubles Champions, Dana Marr and Tony Spredeman!

Full brackets available on

1st: Ben Kempner & Luon Thai (Super Doubles Qualifier)

2nd: Daniel Dechert & Albert Cheng
2nd: Cam Burrows & Dylan Phoung
4th: Marcos Ramirez & Xavier C

1st: Gina Davis & Jim Runnion (Super Doubles Qualifier)
2nd: Jason Haberman & Arron Ingold
3rd: Daniel Dechert & Albert Cheng
4th: John Sarette & Simon Yep

1st: James Castillo & Darren Kurose (Super Doubles Qualifier)
2nd: Mike Bridgeman & Phil Peros
3rd: Jim Fick & Pat O’Gorman
4th: Mohammed Uddin & Garrick Wrenn

1st: Mike Stahl & Ken Oda (Super Doubles Qualifier)

2nd: Dana Marr & Randy Stark
3rd: James Castillo & Scott Stewart
4th: Mike Bridgeman & Phil Peros

1st: Zeke Cervantes & Mark Kraus (Super Doubles Qualifier)
2nd: James Castillo & Scott Stewart
3rd: Dana Marr & Randy Stark
4th: Gina Davis & Art Mariano

1st: Dana Marr & Tony Spredeman (Super Doubles Qualifier)
2nd: James Castillo & Scott Stewart
3rd: Zeke Cervantes & Mark Kraus
4th: Jason Haberman & Jim Runnion

1st: Dana Marr & Tony Spredeman
2nd: Zeke Cervantes & Mark Kraus
3rd: James Castillo & Darren Kurose
4th: Mike Stahl & Ken Oda
5th/6th: Gina Davis & Jim Runnion
5th/6th: Ben Kempner & Luon Thai


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