New Bayfoos Committee + Battle of the Bay

To My Fellow Foosball Players,

It is with great honor to announce some exciting news in our local community! For several weeks now, a few of us have been discussing ways we can improve the foosball game in the Bay Area. Certain topics were discussed such as tournament formats, entry fees, prize money, higher attendance, sponsorships and growth of our player base. In an effort to achieve certain goals, we decided to assemble a committee.
The association will consist of 9 members: Ray Cota, Gemma Mio, Lee McClure (representing San Francisco), Matt Doughty, Mo Uddin, Phil Shlaefer, James Castillo and myself. We’re hoping to add a representative from the Sacramento area as well. Our jobs will consist of maintaining points for rankings, setup crews for a possible “Cal State” tourney, web development, marketing designs, and a public relations specialist who can bring in sponsors. These strategic roles will help benefit Bay Area foosball.

Our first project will be the “Battle of the Bay” tournament. B.O.B. was designed to bring foosers together from the North, South and East Bay. This will take place for one Saturday per month for 3 months. The format will be two draws. The first event will be an “open draw” and the second event will be a “Hi-Lo” draw. The 1st and 2ndplace winners of the first draw will not qualify for the 2nd draw. However, they will receive healthy prize money. The purpose in doing this is to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to have a shot at the prize. There were a few concerns in the past where players who would travel from afar and get knocked out in 2. We understand how discouraging it can be to not place in the top 3. Hence, your evening is cut short. Our vision is for this to be a nice social gathering. The goal is to gather new and old players (from across the Bay Area) under one roof for good competition and fun.

Lastly, we will need to collect contact information for every player. Please be sure to send us your email and cell#. Visit to submit your info. This will help us in sending personal reminders, updates, and newsletters. Hopefully we can even assist in setting up carpools for those traveling from out of town.

I hope you all are just as excited as I am for this great endeavor. On behalf of our new Bay Area committee, we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Sergie Aragones


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