WarZone Results

WarZone was a great success!!  The entire evening was filled with exciting matches, with many of them going the full 5-game distance.  The finals between Lee / Danilo and Fernando / Peter was a complete nail-biter!  Lee / Danilo had king seat and was leading 2-0 in the first set, but Fernando / Peter game back to win it on meat nut, forcing a second set.  Fernando / Peter, again down 2-0 in the 2nd set, fought back for a second time and forced another meat nut in the 2nd set, but just came up short this time.  Congrats to Lee and Danilo on winning the first WarZone event!

On behalf of the WarZone organizing team of Matt, Mo, Nick, Mark and myself, I’d like to send a special thank you to our masters and pros (Fern, Phil, Dana, Chrys, Lee, James, John B and John S).  We are extremely grateful for the time and commitment you guys generously volunteered to help mentor your partners.  I know many of you gave more than the 2-hours of coaching you were committed to, inviting your partners to your local home games in Sacramento and San Jose.  We are very lucky to have you guys!

Aside from the main WarZone tournament, our Designated DYP also went well!  I noticed a lot of coaching throughout those matches too!


Full charts + standings on www.bayfoos.com/warzone

1. Lee McClure + Danilo Sese
2  Fernando Da Rosa + Peter Plachta
3. Dana Marr + Nick Furci

Designated DYP (Goalie Delight)
forwards + goalies
1. Jeramie “Buzz” Richardson + Gemma Mio
2. Rod  Rado + John Sarette
3. Binh Thai + Melvin Osby

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