Incredibly Strong Results @ Hall of Fame Classics in Vegas!!

Incredibly strong finishes by our local foosers this year at the Hall of Fame Classics Tournament, especially for our Pros-Masters, Pros, and Beginners! We’re bringing home THIRTEEN pieces of hardware!!!

Before even talking about the wicked results, I want to comment on the number of people from the bay area that showed up.  25!!  We had 25 foosers go to Vegas!  It was incredible!  This is the largest turnout I’ve seen since I started going to tournaments.  It was very special for all of us!  Ok, onto the results..

The highlight of the tournament belonged to Sergie and Kin; they won an epic 5-game battle against Tony Spredeman and Rob Mares to make it to the finals of Open Doubles. The finals was another 5-game battle – they almost forced a second set against Ryan Moore and Bobby Diaz. Aside from finishing 2nd in Open Doubles, Sergie and Kin also finished 2nd in Elite Doubles and Pro Doubles!

Adrian and Dana also had a great and FUN weekend (the fun part, only us HoFC foosers will know). They too had long battles in Open Doubles, finishing 5th. Their event of the weekend was Dinosaur Doubles (Senior Doubles) where they made quick work of the other teams to win it!

The other great story of the weekend is our two beginners, Xavier and Marcos. This was their first tournament ever and they finished 2nd in Beginner Doubles! Not many of us, if any, have ever brought home hardware on our first tournament, so WOW, great job guys!

On the women’s side, Maryam and Ginger navigated through a strong field to finish 2nd in Women’s Amateur Doubles! These two don’t play regularly (especially Ginger who’s coming back from a 1.5 year hiatus), which makes this a even more impressive finish. On the expert level, I also managed to finish 2nd in Women’s Expert Singles. That’s two 2nds in two tournaments in this event, so I’m hoping that 3rd time’s the charm at the next one!

Congrats to Sergie, Kin, Adrian, Dana, Xavier, Marcos, Maryam, Ginger, and all the other local foosers!

Below are our top 10 finishes for the weekend:

Open Doubles
2.  Sergie Aragones / Kin Lo
5.  Adrian Zamora / Dana Marr
Senior Doubles
1.  Adrian Zamora / Dana Marr
Open Women’s Doubles
5.  Gemma Mio / Dana Thompson
9.  Jenny Ong / Ginger Wong
Open Women’s Singles
7.  Maryam Aly
Open Mixed
9.  Sergie Aragones / Gemma Mio
Designated Mixed
5.  Gemma Mio / Mo Uddin
9.  Melissa Kegg / Dana Marr
Elite Doubles
2.  Sergie Aragones / Kin Lo
9.  Dana Marr / Mo Uddin
Pro Doubles
2.  Sergie Aragones / Kin Lo
9.  Dana Marr / Mo Uddin
Pro Singles
7.  Sergie Aragones
Expert Women’s Doubles
5.  Gemma Mio / Jennifer Caron
7.  Ginger Wong / Kathy Nethery
9.  Amy Wong-Thai / Jenny Ong
9.  Maryam Aly / Adrianne Lee
Expert Women’s Singles
2.  Gemma Mio
9.  Maryam Aly
Expert Mixed
5.  Mo Uddin / Gemma Mio
9.  Maryam Aly / Jason Shovlain
Amateur Doubles
3.  Matt Doughty / Gemma Mio
Amateur Women’s Doubles
2.  Maryam Aly / Ginger Wong
5.  Jenny Ong / Amy Wong-Thai
Amateur Women’s Singles
9.  Amy Wong-Thai
Rookie Doubles
5.  Lih Chen / Ben Kempner
Rookie Singles
5.  Lih Chen
Beginner Doubles
2.  Marcos Ramirez / Xavier Contreras
5.  Ben Kempner / Lih Chen
Beginner Singles
7.  Xavier Contreras
Handicapped Doubles
5.  Ben Kempner / Olivier Levesque
7.  John Sarette / Richard Ross
9.  Matt Doughty / Alex Lehouillier
Master Limited
9.  Maryam Aly / Mike Ryan
Open DYP
5.  Tony Lavigna / Cory Taylor
9.  Lih Chen / Cam Burrows
9.  Binh Thai / Robert Gingell
9.  Pete Burnham / Arturo Mariano
Last Chance DYP
9.  Maryam Aly / Mike Sierra
9.  Tony Lavigna / Andrew Cruz

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