Foosbrawl 2013 – March 14th-28th

64 Teams.  5 Hosts.  1 Champ.


Foosbrawl starts this Thursday, register here:

This isn’t your typical tourney but should be a lot of fun: play events at local start-ups in SF, lots of players and non-players hanging out, streaming March Madness games and free beer and refreshments!


  •  Each team must be composed of players from the same company, which must be either a start-up -or- a tech company.  They are inclined to interpret this broadly, so if you’re at all unsure just ask them!  For example, they had several teams from google last year, not a start up but still welcome.
  • Tournament players of all levels are welcome!



  • Teams will play in one of the four “regional” 16 team tournaments (3/14, 3/19, 3/21, 3/26), from which the top 4 teams from each play in the final tournament on 3/28.
  • For those going to HoFC, you will still have a chance to play on 3/14 at ClearSlide or 3/26 at Spotify, Ben will be at ClearSlide this Thursday.



  • Single elimination, best of 3 games to 5 points.
  • Each event will have Tornado tables of some type, most events will have at least one T3000 table.  New foosballs, parts, etc. will be provided.
  • Rules are more “bar style”, (no strict time limits, no wall limits, drops only, dead balls are dropped, etc.) – of course, no one will stop you from imposing tournament rules on yourself.
  • Tournament players will be the only ones seeded, so you will not have to play another tournament player in an elimination game in the regionals.


More info at, and also, Ben is happy to answer any questions, so just email him here.

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