The 1st Tuesday DYP Points Race is Over – Congrats to All the Winners!

This past Tuesday marked the end of our first Tuesday DYP Points Race.   Over the 9 weeks, we had 47 different local foosers show up to participate – WOW!   We’re growing!  Thank you to each and every one who showed up and supported the new Tuesday night tournaments.  Also, a big thank you goes out to Dana for designing and making the trophy for us – we all love it!

As one of the organizers, I definitely noticed 2 big things that made the DYPs extra special (in no particular order):

  1. More Googlers!  Matt has made a conscious effort to spread the news out to the Google foos email list, and as a result, we’ve had more and more Googlers show up to our tournaments.  Thank you, Matt!
  2. Teaching – our veteran and more experienced players have been openly sharing their knowledge to the newer generation of foosers, and as a result, they want to come back and they’re improving quickly.  As a player who got plenty of instruction from so many local foosers, I cannot stress just how valuable this is.

Tuesday night tournaments will continue, and we will definitely be having another points race in the future.

Now, the winners:

Overall Winner – Dana
Top Expert player – Tony
Top Amateur player – Daniel
Top Attendance – Mo

2013 Points Race Overall Winner

top-expert top-amateur


Mo Uddin


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