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the flyer

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download the flyer - [ jpg ] [ pdf ]

the player draft
date + time TUESDAY, JUNE 11th @ 9PM
location California Billiard Club
Q: Who is allowed to pick at the draft?
All players with less than 2400 IFP points are allowed to pick. If you need to check your current points, visit IFP Tour website.
Q: I cannot make it to the draft, can I call in?
No, all picks must be made in person. No calling in, no picking on behalf of another player, etc.
Q: When is the payment due?
All fees are due at the end of draft night.
Q: What type of payments do you accept?
There is an ATM on location, but please do come prepared. We don't want to see you miss out on this rare chance if the ATM is out of order.
Q: Something came up and I can't make it, can I get my money back?
Sorry, all payments are non-refundable.
Q: Ok, I won the draft, now what?
Once you win the draft, you will need to pay your fees to the organizing team that same night. Also, you should approach your partner to exchange contact information for arranging practicing sessions.
Q: How do I get in touch with my partner for practice sessions?
If you didn't get your partner's contact info, don't worry. We have everybody's contact info, email us at

the masters + pros
Fernando "Cobra" Da Rosa
Rank Master
Experience 20+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2005 World Championship Open Mixed
1st place Hall of Fame Classics Open Mixed (twice)
1st place Warrior Open Singles & Open Doubles
1st place Warrior Super Doubles
1st place 2004 Hall of Fame Classics 3500 Limited
Claim to Fame His legendary ice cool demeanor topped off by his sunglasses oozes 'domination'. Beneath that is another layer of cool, every shot in the book and more titles you could ever dream about: the Cobra is a player many dream to be!
Dana Marr
Rank Master
Experience 20+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2013 Hall of Fame Classics Senior Doubles
1st place 2005 Utah State Goalie Wars
2nd place 2004 World Championships 35&17 Doubles
2nd place 2005 Utah State Open Doubles
3rd place 2003 Texas State Open Doubles
Claim to Fame One of the top goalies in the business. Dana is equally famous for having mentored many of the greats: Tony Spredeman, Adrian Zamora, Sergie Aragones. A true master, not many fully understand this game like Dana does!
Phil "Dr. Doom" Schlaefer
Rank Master
Experience 35+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 1987 Worlds Championship Novice Singles
1st place 1987-88 Nevada State Open Doubles (twice!)
1st place 1997 Semi-Pro Singles / 1st Annual Intl League
1st place 2000 Nationals Master/Pro Draw
10+ Top 10 Open Singles/Doubles finishes
Claim to Fame Seriously way too many titles to even attempt to start listing here! Phil is a legend in the sport - from his smooth 5-bar passes to one of the best pulls in the business. Through his Winning Foosball videos and Foosball Master Tour TV promotion, his very appearance says "IT'S TIME TO FOOS!"
Chrysander Estrella
Rank Pro
Experience 15+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2005 Nationals Pro Doubles
1st place 2005 Nationals No-Pro Draw
1st place 2005 Texas State Semi-Pro Doubles
1st place 2004 California State Semi-Pro Doubles
Various top 5 finishes in Pro Doubles, Forward Shootout, Semi-Pro Doubles and Semi-Pro Mixed
Claim to Fame Known as the "Master Killer", Chrysander has a reputation for elevating the level of his game when most needed and de-throwning many master players. He is also known for his super fast 5-bar and an even faster snake shot.
Lee McClure
Rank Pro
Experience 15+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2009 Pro Singles (twice)
2nd place 2009 Pro Doubles
1st place 2008 Maryland State 3500 Limited
1st place 2008 Maryland State Expert Singles
1st place 2008 Maryland State Expert Doubles
Claim to Fame Too many titles to list! Lee is done doing carnage on the east coast and is now back in the Bay area.
James "Sparky" Castillo
Rank Pro
Experience 25+ years
Top Finishes 5th place 1995 Nationals Open Doubles (as experts, beating master teams Horton/Beine and Moore/Diaz)
1st place 2004 Hall of Fame Classics Master/Pro Draw
1st place 2001 California State Expert Singles
2nd place 2001 California State Expert Doubles
2nd place 2001 Western Open No-Pro Single & Doubles
Claim to Fame "Sparky" is best known for having a nasty offensive 2-bar series. Super passionate about foosball, his high-energy game often includes his trademark karate yell "AIAAA!!!"
John Biundo
Rank Expert
Experience 20+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2011 Hall of Fame Classics VIFA League Doubles
5th place Forwards Shootout
7th place 2012 Hall of Fame Classics Senior Doubles
9th place 2012 Hall of Fame CLassics Master Limited
Claim to Fame John holds the longest winning streak at Kennedy's up in SF. Aside from his crafty 5-bar, John's legendary snake shot stare and power have caused many a men to quiver in their boots!
John Sarette
Rank Expert
Experience 30+ years
Top Finishes 1st place 2008 Colorado State Draw
multiple 1st place New England TSA Open Singles / Doubles
7th place 2013 Hall of Fame Classics Handicapped Doubles
9th place 2011 Hall of Fame Classics Pro Doubles
9th place 2011 Hall of Fame Classics Expert Singles
Claim to Fame An ex-Pro who dominated the New England foosball scene back in the 1980's, John is returning from retirement and reinventing his game! With equally strong snake shots and pull shots, John 3-bar scoring percentage is one of the highest in the area!

the teams
Fernando "Cobra" Da Rosa + Peter Plachta
Dana Marr + Nick Furci
Phil "Dr. Doom" Schlaefer + Daniel Dechert
Chrysander Estrella + Ben Kempner
Lee McClure + Danilo Sese
James Castillo + Simeon Yep
John Biundo + Vince Parker
John Sarette + Grant Oladipo

the tournament
date + time SATURDAY, JUNE 29th @ 6PM
location California Billiard Club
entry fee $15 / player
format 3/5 in both winners and losers, win by 2 in the 5th game
Q: I didn't get a draft player, can I still play in this tournament?
No, the WarZone tournament is a special tournament only for the 8 draft players and their respective partners. All other players are invited to play in our Designated DYP (Goalie Delight). See below for details.
Q: Help! I can't make it to the tournament anymore! What do I do?
Please let as know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements. As for your payment, it is non-refundable.
Q: How much is the prize pot for WarZone?
All the money from the player draft plus entry fees goes towards the prize pot. The more money you guys put towards the draft, the bigger the payouts!!!

designated dyp (goalie delight)
date + time SATURDAY, JUNE 29th @ 7:30PM
location California Billiard Club
entry fee $10 / player
As a local fooser puts it, "Designated DYP with Goalie Delight? SPICY!!!"
Q: I'm playing in the WarZone tournament, can I play in this also?
No, this is for non-WarZone players only.
Q: What is a Designated DYP?
A Designated DYP is a Draw-Your-Partner event where the lower rank player must play the forward position.
Q: What is Goalie Delight?
Whenever a goalie scores, he/she gets the next drop instead of the opposing forward. For example, if Team A's goalie scores, Team A's goalie gets the drop instead of Team B's forward.

results - warzone tournament
1. Lee McClure + Danilo Sese
2. Fernando Da Rosa + Peter Plachta
3. Dana Marr + Nick Furci
4. James Castillo + Simeon Yep
5. Phil Schlaefer + Daniel Dechert
5. Chrysander Estrella + Ben Kempner
7. John Sarette + Grant Oladipo
7. John Biundo + Vince Parker
results - designated dyp (goalie delight)
( forwards + goalies )
1. Buzz Richardson + Gemma Mio
2. Rod Rado + John Sarette
3. Binh Thai + Melvin Osby
4. Grant Oladipo + Vince Parker
5. Marcos Ramirez + Tony Lavigna
5. Jenny Ong + John Biundo
7. Amy Wong-Thai + Barry Albino

All events will be held at:
California Billiard Club
881 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA

the faqs
Q: Is there a table fee?
No table fees, you will need to bring quarters for the tables.
Q: Are you guys fundraising? Are you guys keeping any of the money?
The WarZone organizing team will not make a dime off this tournament. This was designed so all of us can have a chance at learning from the best in our area. This is not a fundraising event.
Q: My question hasn't been answered. Who do I ask?
Feel free to email as at, or post your question on our Facebook page.